Episode 17

Published on:

8th May 2022

Barbosa plays hard techno at RE-FORM | 15 March 2022

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Barbosa finds himself immersed in the darker side of electronic music, using textured percussive layers, ambient melodies, surrounded by the beating of heavy techno kick drums.

You can find all of Barbosa’s social media and music profiles on: https://www.solo.to/barbosa

Since his start in 2018, Barbosa quickly climbed the ladder in the underground warehouse scene of Western Canada with his fresh techno productions and highly unique sets, fueling a new hunger for techno in one of the most popular bass music scenes in the world. He immediately garnered attention from local DJs and superstar Canadian artist deadmau5. He returned back to Toronto’s fierce techno scene as a headlining act at events, and rising new producers in North America releasing music on his techno imprint Heist Mode.

As Barbosa gained more momentum in 2020, he received features and praise from many collectives such as: Space Yacht, 6am Group, HATE, EDM Identity, EDM Tunes and supported from artists out of labels: R-Label Group, Clergy, Dynamic Reflections, Emercive, mau5trap, Monnom Black, and Voxnox.

In October 2020, Barbosa’s EP (ra) claimed #1 Indie Dance and #10 Techno on Beatport. Early on in 2021 his collaborative EP Unbound with Rhyot peaked #3 Indie Dance and #17 Techno. Barbosa’s hot streak is currently still on fire after #5 Hard Techno with Vol. I compilation in April, #3 Hard Techno with EP The Vault in June, #6 on his collaboration with DRAKK, titled Without Feeling.

Summer 2021, saw Barbosa head down to perform the warehouses and afterhours of California & Texas and quickly build a fan base of a newly developing Hard Techno scene in the USA. Starting off with his release Red Room off MRD’s label group compilation, Without Feeling went on to be becoming a festival favorite in Europe, mainly with Berlin artists Somewhen & Kobosil -and as a result opening for Kobosil for his California debut.

As Barbosa moves into 2022, his release schedule boasts consistent monthly productions for the entire year on many labels with noteworthy releases on a Jeff Mills & Richie Hawtin favorite, artist Decoder’s label Codec, and Factory 93’s Declan James’ VOIDWARE that includes a Dallas, Texas based afterhours warehouse residency alongside top international techno headliners. As the past two years saw rising prominence of Heist Mode, Barbosa continues to line up the most diverse and talented newest faces of North American producers with the next installment of the label’s compilation, Vol, III bringing together a stronger scene and platform for artists and ravers to unite.

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