Episode 28

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5th Oct 2023

EIAI at RUSH RAVE | 2 October 2023

On the 2nd of October, 2023, the atmospheric city of Sibiu, Romania, was set alight with the electrifying beats of EIAI's techno set. We're ecstatic to share an exclusive recording of this monumental evening at RUSH RAVE, an event that champions techno's faster, harder, and more relentless facets.

Alex Ivancuta, also known as EIAI, is not just a name in the techno scene but a force reshaping its contours. Born in 1994 in Sibiu, Alex's affair with techno began in his early twenties. What started as a newfound passion quickly transformed into a calling. By 2016, he was already deep into his DJing journey, exploring various BPMs and techno subgenres, refining his skills, and crafting a style that's uniquely his. Today, his sets are a whirlwind of energy, blending hard techno, hard groove, hard trance, and industrial beats, ensuring that his audience is always on their toes, immersed in the sonic journey he curates.

In 2022, Alex's vision took tangible form with the inception of the RUSH RAVE project. This was not just another project but a reflection of his understanding and interpretation of the "techno rave" concept. Drawing inspiration from the Western sound and the pulsating rave culture, RUSH RAVE is Alex's endeavor to build a robust techno community and diversify the local underground scene.

For a closer look into the world of EIAI, to understand his inspirations, and to stay updated with his upcoming gigs, make sure to follow him on his Instagram here.

The night at RUSH RAVE was emblematic of Alex's vision. With standout productions from artists like Tham, Rezystor, and Giovanni Carozza, the set was a testament to techno's evolving soundscape. The audience, a mix of seasoned techno fans and those new to the scene were in unison, swaying, jumping, and getting lost in the rhythmic trance. The night underscored techno's timeless allure and ability to forge connections.

For those eager to immerse themselves in this sonic experience, the set is now available exclusively on Techno Live Sets: Underground Frequencies.

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