Episode 26

Published on:

11th Jul 2023

Roger Lavelle at Ruhr In Love 2023 | 1 July 2023

In this Techno Live Sets: Underground Frequencies episode, we present a driving one-hour techno set by the veteran Roger Lavella. Based in Switzerland, Roger has made a remarkable comeback in the techno scene after a 25-year career primarily influenced by trance. As a resident DJ of the esteemed, 'We Need Techno' label, he has supported renowned artists such as Sasha Carassi and shared the stage with Luigi Madonna, Dave Clarke, Julian Jeweil, Cosmic Boys, and many more.

Immerse yourself in the relentless pulse of techno as Roger Lavella takes the stage at Ruhr in Love 2023 festival. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey that showcases Roger's deep understanding of the genre and his ability to create an electrifying atmosphere.

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Stay tuned for the release of Roger Lavella's exhilarating live set from Ruhr in Love 2023, exclusively on Techno Live Sets: Underground Frequencies.

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