Episode 35

Published on:

19th Mar 2024

Sagia at Sonar Bliss Records | 16 March 2024

Welcome to a special edition of Techno Live Sets. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you an hour-long journey through the depths of techno with the incredibly talented Sagia, recorded live at Sonar Bliss Records. Sagia, known for her emotive and dynamic approach to techno, takes us on a sonic adventure that's both profound and exhilarating.

This set is a testament to Sagia's unique position in the techno scene. It blends intricate melodies with pulsating rhythms to create a soundscape that's both immersive and invigorating. It's rare to capture such a seamless fusion of energy and emotion, but Sagia does it effortlessly, making this set a standout moment for Techno Live Sets followers.

As the set unfolds, Sagia navigates through peaks and valleys, meticulously choosing each track to build upon the last, creating a narrative that’s as compelling as it is captivating. From deep, brooding tracks that tug at your heartstrings to high-energy beats that compel you to move, this set showcases Sagia’s exceptional ability to connect with her audience on multiple levels.

What makes this set even more remarkable is the inclusion of exclusive tracks and remixes, offering listeners a glimpse into the future of techno as envisioned by Sagia. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the genre's cutting edge, presented by one of its most forward-thinking artists.

So, whether you’re a long-time techno fan or just discovering its depths, Sagia’s set at Sonar Bliss Records perfectly illustrates the genre's power to evoke emotion, energy, and everything in between. Join us for this unforgettable journey, and let Sagia guide you through an hour of the finest techno, only here on Techno Live Sets.

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