Episode 10

Published on:

21st Jun 2020

LLout plays techno at The Weekender Festival | 20 June 2020

Check out this five hour live set by LLout at The Weekender Festival organised by Marieke and Friends. A true journey.

For LLout (Lammert Lettinga) from Amsterdam it has always been all about the music. Born and raised in a family with a passion for a wide variety of genres, it became an important part of his life from an early age. Shortly after electronic music caught his attention in the mid-00’s, he started DJ’ing and has been doing so ever since. Feeling right at home behind the decks, he is often joined by FLEAUX (Floris Brandwacht). Together they spin under the name 'Riptide Soundsystem' and launched a series of dance events on boats, called 'Springtij' (Riptide in English). LLout is at his best when combining several styles in one set, twisting them into a melodic whirlwind of disco, afro, deep house, tech-house and techno. Taking you on a timeless journey through sound.

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